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he Treasure Beach experience is all about being in nature, relating to the wild landscape that makes Jamaica’s South Coast so distinctive. Nowhere do you feel as immersed in this lush, rugged environment as at Seaside, newly built on Old Wharf Beach. With its sandy floors, oversized shrimp pot lights and voluminous thatch roof, Seaside seamlessly merges inside and out, a visually stunning backdrop for Jakes Farm to Table Dinners.

Sound dramatic? Seeing is believing! Our full moon feasts are each special in their own way—old friends (and new!) gathered down the long table dotted with delicious, locally grown dishes served with more than a dash of bonhomie and a big bonfire to light the spirits!

The rustic, arcadian vibe for the Seaside venue design come via Samantha Gore. Sam is renowned for conjuring breezy, dreamy atmospheres. Seaside borrows the same sandy floors as Salazar, the beloved LA restaurant Sam also designed. If you find that Seaside makes you fall in love with Treasure Beach that’s probably because Sam has too — packing up her landscape design firm in Los Angeles and moving back to her native Jamaica for good.

Sam chose the exact spot for Seaside with much attention to sunset and moonrise views. The thatch roof is inspired by local craft traditions and materials, as well as the tobacco drying barns of her childhood. She designed the lighting to feel like it was rising from the earth. And she intervened as little as possible into the natural environment, leaving existing trees and grasses while carving out a kitchen, dining pavilion, and secret adjacent nooks for lounging.

Join us for a Farm to Table Dinner next Saturday closest to the full moon. Or, getting married? Celebrating a big birthday? There isn’t a more memorable place to gather your friends for a special, soulful, party under the stars.

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