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Jack Sprat is a restaurant that’s really about community—it’s where the village comes to hang out. It’s considered the headquarters of eating and drinking in Treasure Beach. And the jerk crab is off the charts.


Open 12–9 pm Daily

Delivery or Pick Up Available Until 10pm Friday–Sunday

965-3583 or 564-8983

“Wickedest Seafood & Pizza”


Pepperoni / Jerk Chicken & Pineapple / Jerk Sausage / Cheese / Vegetable / Shrimp / Lobster / Fully Loaded


Grilled / Escovitch / Steam / Fry / Brown Stew / Curry / Jerk


Garlic / Curry / Jerk / Creole /Coconut Curry


Garlic / Curry / Jerk / Creole / Coconut Curry


Jerk / Garlic / Curry


Garlic / Curry / Jerk / Coconut Curry


Fry / Jerk


Beef / Chicken / Vegetable


Jerk / Fry


Bammy / Festival / Rice & Peas / Steam Vegetables / Fries


Ice Cream (Various Flavours) / Coconut Pie / Key Lime Pie

ack Sprat is the Treasure Beach, South Coast, Jamaica hotspot where locals and Jakes guests come for the fresh, grilled seafood and the pizza, made with toppings like pepperoni, lobster and jerk chicken. There’s also an ice cream counter and regular beach bonfires. Of course, everyone is drawn to the vibe. It always feels like there’s a relaxed party going on at Jack Sprat—great music, the breezy, outdoor deck overlooking the ocean, people hanging out and playing backgammon. Plus, there’s the Jack Sprat ATM. You can’t beat that for convenience.
“Jack Sprat is a real melting pot of people: you can meet Treasure Beach policemen, students, the local mayor and visitors from almost any country in the world. There’s always great music playing, dominos and ludi on the table, album art from classic ska, reggae, and dance records hang on the walls and there’s a great rum bar.”

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