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Jack Sprat. Jakes Restaurant. Dougies Bar. When you’re eating and drinking at Jakes, you can expect that the ingredients we use to make all of our local dishes come from nearby farmers and fisherman. You see, we’re all about Grown Locally. Let us tell you more about how these words define what we do…

rown Locally means that we support Treasure Beach—our neighborhood in Jamaica’s parish of St. Elizabeth—in every way possible, as much as possible. We work with local fishermen, local farmers and local chefs. Our menus change daily to reflect what’s fresh. Local food served by local people.

St. Elizabeth is considered the breadbasket of Jamaica. It’s where 80 percent of Jamaica’s domestic produce is grown. This proximity to the good stuff gives us first pick of the freshest fruit and vegetables—and the best grains—Jamaica has to offer. Our fish and shellfish come from the water that we look out over. Everyday, we experience—and we appreciate—the connection between food and life. Everyday, we act on this by getting behind sustainable farming practices and eating organic, locally-grown, seasonal foods. We’re inspired by the farmers and the fisherman we work with and would love to introduce you to more of what they do. Any chance you’ll be in Treasure Beach when the moon is full? Join us for Jakes monthly Farm & Fisherfolk dinner at Seaside. We promise, what you’ll see, taste and feel will be very special. After all, we’re Jamaicans, living in these country parts. Warm and communal comes natural to us, here.

Want more than just one meal? Stay with us at one of our hotel rooms, oceanfront bungalows, cottages or villas.

Sure, you could sit on a beach, with a book, and call it a day. Or, you could… take a yoga class at sunrise, grab a callaloo breakfast at Smurf’s Café, zip line across the cascading waterfalls at YS Falls, try out the obstacle course at the Breds Treasure Beach Sports Park, explore the five beaches of Treasure Beach, bike to Lover’s Leap, take an art class and learn mosaics, take a cooking lesson and learn to Jerk, watch an outdoor movie screening, bar crawl in Treasure Beach, watch the stars twinkle in the sky while you order the last drink of the night, poolside at Dougies Bar.

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