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Hiking + Biking: Cycling Tours in Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Seriously, there’s no better way to get down and dirty, body to soul, than hiking and biking in Treasure Beach

o matter what your fitness level, Treasure Beach locals, Damian Parchment and Howen Campbell, will guide you on an unforgettable adventure. Their company, Reds Cycle Tours, started over 20 years ago, offers trips either by bike, on foot, by boat…or a combination. What to expect? Bumpy roads! And, a lot of fun. Many routes run right along the water’s edge, and all are available for groups of between two and 20. Contact the Jakes front desk for prices and more info.


– $25 for a one-day bike rental, from sunrise-to-sunrise


– Bike to boat launch, including three miles of on-sand cycling
– Boat out to Pelican Bar, hang out for awhile, then take the boat back to Jakes. (We’ll pick up the bikes.)
– Two to 2.5 hours round-trip


– Explore the Little Park farming district, a 20-minute ride from Jakes
– Upon arrival, turn off-road for the majority of the trip
Meet farmers along the way and try what’s in season (watermelon and cantaloupe are a couple of local favorites)
– Loop around the Great Bay and head back to Jakes
– Two to 2.5-hours round-trip


– Explore the surrounding Santa Cruz hills and its many lush vistas
– A typical tour includes a drive out, followed by a 1.5-hour hike, but depending on your fitness level, trips can be extended


Lover’s Leap has a beautiful 270-degree view, from the 1,750-foot cliff straight down to the Caribbean Sea
– Cycle to and from Jakes, or hike down the steep mountain (it’s about a 30-minute trek) and catch a boat back to Jakes (there are lots of options on this tour!)
– Four-hour total round-trip


– A high fitness level is required for this one!
– Ride from Jakes to Black River (this town famously had electricity even before New York City)
– An early morning start time (6 a.m. in summer; 6:45 a.m. in winter) helps keeps the heat down
– Two to 2.5-hours round-trip

The front desk as Jakes will help you arrange your hiking and biking trips. Alternately, you can contact Damian directly: 876-430-7852.


“A short drive up from Treasure Beach, up the windy way to Southfield, lies the Jewl, a spectacular view with amazing sunsets! For the brave hearted and strong legged there’s a hike down to the sea! Through steep downhill and rolling slopes, you won’t be disappointed! Don’t forget to bring water—and high spirits for the climb up”

Nadav Cohen

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