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Jakes Farm-to-Table, Full Moon Dinners

On Saturday nights, when the moon is closest to full, we gather at Dool’s Farm at Sunset, for a dinner celebrating seasonal foods (and new friends)

ach month, on the Saturday closest to the full moon, Jakes hosts its Farm-to-Table dinners, set on one of Jamaica’s first farms to convert to organic agriculture. The food is grown by Farmer Dool, from fields just down the road from Jakes. You’ll dine under the stars, in the company of fellow guests who’ve traveled here from around the world. Groups range in size from about twelve to forty people. Check availability at the front desk.

The Jakes Front Desk will book your reservation. Just let us know how many in your party.

The dinner costs $95 (plus, we suggest a tip for your driver).

Read more about our Farm-to-Table Dinners on CaribbeanEdge.com

Dates for Farm-to-Table Dinners 2017/2018:
Dec 30 2017
Feb 3, 2018
March 3 & 31 2018
April 28, 2018
May 26, 2018
June 30, 2018
July 28, 2018
Aug 25, 2018
Sept 22, 2018
Oct 27, 2018
Nov 2, 2018
Dec 22, 2018

More on sustainable farming and our monthly dinners at farmer Dool’s.


“I love it when we see the dolphins and the guests I’m with get to jump into the water and swim with them.”

Captain Ted

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