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Kids at Jakes Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Jakes is the perfect vacation spot for kids, with tons of on-site sports and activities and nearby excursions (plus, a nice nanny army upon request!)


Book Captain Dennis for the day and head out to sea on his splatter-painted boat (named Super Cool). He’ll share unforgettable stories as you set sail to Pelican Bar, Black River, the Galleon Fish Sanctuary or a white sandy beach where he’ll light a fire and cook freshly caught fish for lunch. Explore the coastline on the way back and learn the history of Jamaica and Treasure Beach. 


A 45-minute drive from Jakes, Black River is Jamaica’s longest river and home to the Great Morass, one of Jamaica’s largest wetland reserves. Hop on the safari boat and observe over 100 varieties of tropical birds, mangroves and crocodiles in their natural habitat.


The Galleon Fish Sanctuary is a 625-acre coastal area set aside as a safe haven for the many varieties of birds, fish and various forms of marine wildlife that make Jamaica their home. Here, you’ll find manatees, endangered breeds of turtles and tons of young fish thriving amidst the coral reef, mangroves and sea grass. The sanctuary, monitored by four trained wardens and a marine biologist, is vital to the sustainability of a fishing community like ours. This environmental tour is a must for anyone interested in the preservation of our planet. Travel there by boat for a trip that lasts around four hours and an experience that will stay with you forever.


Drive 45 minutes from Jakes and you’ll reach YS Falls, a 120-foot, seven-tiered waterfall surrounded by trees and gardens. Within the falls are calm, natural pools that are perfect for swimming, with lifeguards to keep an eye out. You’ll also find a zip line, a rope swing and river tubing on site—kids love it!


Our fishing trips are best in the early morning and late afternoon, when the fish are biting. Set out with one of our captains and catch all sorts of seafood. Fish for blue marlin, mahi mahi, wahoo and tuna—and if you’re lucky, they’ll even let you pull traps set by professional fishermen. Bring home your catch, and we’ll cook it for you!


Rent a bike at the front desk, and explore the village of Treasure Beach. We have a bunch of different routes and tours to choose from, or set out on your own. Bike rental is available from sunrise to sunset.


Across the street from Jakes is the Breds Treasure Beach Sports Park & Academy, a 17-acre community hub where over 1,500 local kids hang out, play sports and learn the teamwork and leadership skills that ready them for jobs and scholarships far beyond the park grounds. Conceived and spearheaded by Jason Henzell, the Sports Park has transformed the community and attracted athletes and sponsors from around the world.

Guests come to the Sports Park to cheer on the cricket, football and track teams, join in on pickup basketball games, work their way through the ropes course and hit tennis balls on one of the park’s courts.

Check in with the front desk to learn about any Sports Park goings-on, book instructors and borrow any necessary gear.


Kids two-years-old and up can join former preschool teacher Ronda for a mosaic-making class. Check availability at the front desk.


Jakes has a game room with various board games, a dartboard and a TV with a DVD player. We also host movie nights every Thursday at Jack Sprat Restaurant. We screen movies that are relevant to Jamaica’s history and culture.

“I like to take Soleil, my daughter, to Great Bay beach. We park ourselves in the shade at the beachside bar there, buy a few drinks and a few waters, and she can play in the sand in the shade. When we’re ready for the next thing we hike up a path on the cliffs that drops you down into a tiny cove. Sometimes filled with families, sometimes with lovers, but the sea is always calm and inviting.”
Liz Solms

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