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Lennox Lewis Brings His League of Champions Boxing Camp to Treasure Beach

Lennox Lewis brings his League of Champions Boxing Camp to Treasure Beach

ur Boxing camp mission is to inspire the next generation of champions in life. Boxing is a way to engage with children and teach them life skills. In this way they learn different methods of conflict resolution and make positive life decisions.

This past summer we were in Treasure Beach for two weeks. It was an amazing experience—working with boys and girls. The Breds Foundation was a perfect partner. The Sports Park provided us with an area that was safe, large and had all the components we needed for an awesome camp space. Our goal is to have a boxing camp there every summer.

Until this summer, I’d only gone to Treasure Beach once or twice. And I’d never had the opportunity to stay. But being there this summer, I felt that I was in the authentic Jamaica. The people were extremely friendly. Just so warm and welcoming. In fact, at the end of our stay I said to my husband, I wouldn’t mind living in Treasure Beach.”


Violet, along with her husband, famed Lennox Lewis, is the founder of League of Champions, a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing young people sport.

For more information, visit: www.locfoundation.org


“Your visit here would not be complete without dropping by Breds Sports Park to catch a little cricket or football. The Sports Park is the envy of the rest of the country, and an inspiration. All local youth equally benefit, as does the quality of life in this rural village.”

Arthur Gorson

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