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Likkle Swimmers, Kid’s Swim Lessons in Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Please watch the video to learn about this very important — and very fun! —program

Also: Likkle Jakes — Kids race as a part one of the world’s most unique triathlons!

he same morning as Jake’s annual Off-Road Triathlon, kids run, bike and swim in their own race, named Likkle Jakes. Their competition may be much shorter than the adult’s (it’s a total of 2.8 miles), but it’s FAR MORE charming. The kids splash in the water at Great Bay, get bathed in sweat biking towards Jack Sprat, and run for the dickens all the way to Jakes at Calabash Bay. It’s all for the thrill, the cheers, the gift baskets, and the shiny personalized plaques waiting for them at the finish line.

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