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Little Ochie Seafood Restaurant & Bar, Alligator Pond

Choose your dinner, weigh it, eat it. Life is simple, and tasty, at Little Ochie.

ittle Ochie offers some of the best and freshest seafood you will find in the world. It’s a great setting, right on the beach, with rustic ambience—old boats have been given thatched roofs, raised on stilts and outfitted with benches and tables. Blackie, the proprietor, is one of Jamaica’s truly great chefs. Pick your fish, shrimp, lobster, crab or sea puss (octopus) from one of several huge cold boxes, have it weighed and say how you want it cooked. A full moon boat ride to have dinner at Little Ochie is the “lik.”

Little Ochie is located at Alligator Pond. We’re happy to arrange your ride over, should you need.

Have the front desk make you a reservation or call directly Little Ochie: 1-876-852-6430.


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