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The Jakes Manifesto

Recognizing that our business has an important role to play in protecting the environment, as well as developing a sustainable future for the community in which we live, Jakes has taken the following measures.

akes encourages guests to participate in low-impact activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, snorkeling, massages, mingling with guests at the bar, building castles in the sand, stargazing and yoga.

Jakes supports local entrepreneurs including boat and land tour guides who know the area and are happy to share their knowledge. By doing this, Jakes is supporting the growth of responsible, sustainable community tourism initiatives such as farm tours and local attractions like the Pelican bar.

Jakes donates a US dollar a night and a dollar from every transfer to Breds the Treasure Beach Foundation that funds many community projects including sport for social change as well as education and conservation projects such as the Galleon Beach Marine Sanctuary. One of our constantly expanding programs is EduSport, a game-based learning initiative where 27 trained coaches deliver activities to stimulate learning for six- to twelve-year-olds. This program is in 60 primary schools and reaches 12,000 students weekly.

Jakes treats most of its sewage through an on-site sewage treatment facility that turns it into gray water for the property’s irrigation purposes.

Jakes uses solar panels to heat its water—on hot days the water can be very hot, on overcast days it can be lukewarm.

Jakes pool is a saltwater pool which mean instead of using harsh chemicals to treat it, the water is “recycled” daily when pumped to and from the sea.

Jakes encourages sustainable farming practices by sourcing as much of their produce as possible from nearby local farms. Jakes also proudly supports the growing group of organic farmers in the area otherwise known as the Treasure Beach Ital Farmers Association who supply items such as arugula, lemon basil and mustard greens to our restaurants.

Jakes encourages sustainable fishing practices by buying items such as conch and lobster only when they are in season and contributing to local initiatives to better fishing practices—such as the Treasure Beach annual Hook N’ Line Fishing Tournament.

Jakes enforces a towel re-use program and also encourages guests to turn off their lights and air-conditioners when they are not in the room.

Jakes offers a cold cooler of water at the restaurant so that guests who don’t want to purchase multiple bottles of water can top up at their leisure. (Our tap water is drinkable).

Jakes employs people from the Treasure Beach area, providing them with the training they need to achieve their highest personal and professional goals including accredited on-site certification programs.

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