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Treasure Beach: Perfect Weekend Getaway from Kingston, Jamaica

Calling Kingston city slickers! Craving weekend in the country? Think: Treasure Beach


akes isn’t just for foreign (read: international) visitors; many guests come to Treasure Beach for a weekend getaway from Kingston. We are, after all, in the “country parts” of the island. A perfect escape for city slickers. Check out our FAQ for how to get here, sign up for one of our many Jakes experiences or book one of our spa services. Alternately, you could just hang out, order a rum punch and chill.

Almost all of my neighbors in Kingston are actually expats, from places like Ireland, Canada, Chile, England. As an expat, you’re spoon-fed these ideas that having an authentic Jamaican experience can be challenging. But Jakes is real, authentic Jamaica—you can watch a cricket game; you can go rum-bar hopping; you can hang out with fishermen all night. You’re experiencing the real Treasure Beach, just by being here. You’re meeting Jamaicans in their local community; nobody is putting on any airs. We’re not having a ‘Jamaican night’—we are Jamaican night.



“My favorite place to shop in Treasure Beach is a little boutique called Callaloo. I love the scarves and dresses made from beautiful fabrics. And there are fabulous t-shirts, including the famous ‘Life is too short not to be Jamaican.’ I mean, what could be better – or truer?”

Barbara Wansbrough

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