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YS Falls, St Elizabeth, Jamaica

The falls are untouched and immaculately preserved.

S Falls is an exquisite 120-foot seven-tier falls—one of the most beautiful falls on the island—with cool pools perfect for swimming and a rope swing for thrills. A tractor drawn jitney takes you a mile across pasturelands to get there. Everything you need but no frills: you’ll find a lovely swimming pool, changing room, picnic tables and a drinks vendor. A canopy tour (ziplining through the trees alongside the river) has recently been added. Plan to leaves Jakes no later than 9:00 a.m. giving time to enjoy the park before crowds and tour buses. En route you will pass through Middle Quarters and Bamboo Avenue. Middle Quarters is renowned for its peppered shrimp—a local delicacy that is delicious and hot! Bamboo Avenue is a 2.5-mile natural tunnel of bamboo that was planted in the early 1900s. Cool and picturesque, Bamboo Avenue is the perfect place to stop for a cool jelly coconut accompanied by a bag of Middle Quarters spicy pepper shrimp.

YS Falls is a 45-minute drive from Jakes.

“My Treasure Beach secret? Swimming by Rudies Bar followed by eating crab at Sister Lou’s. That’s why I love taking guests up the river. They love it too.”
Captain Joseph

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