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Jakes country kitchen restaurant operates according to the mantra, “Eat what you grow, grow what you eat.” Everyday, we choose the finest produce and ingredients from local farmers for the dishes we serve at breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as for the fruit juices, teas and coffee we offer throughout the day. Our vegetarian menu is always fresh and it’s always available.


o get a sense of the agricultural diversity of the area surrounding Treasure Beach, look no farther than the Jakes menu, scrawled on its chalkboard and changing at the start of each day. Here, you’ll find freshly grilled seafood, salads and soups made with vegetables grown just a few miles away—think kale-watermelon salad, arugula salad, pumpkin-ginger soup and gazpacho—as well as the best versions of Jamaican classics, like conch fritters and coconut curried chicken with steamed callaloo and plantains. Our seasonal seafood dishes—fish, crab and lobster—are bountiful and fished in a manner that preserves our eco-friendly standards. All of our desserts and ice creams are house-made.

When you say local…

Question: When you say local, how local do you mean? Where does Jakes Restaurant source its ingredients?

Jason: “The kale in the kale-watermelon salad comes from Yellow Plum Farms in Bottom Round Hill. The conch comes from fishermen in the Pedro Keys down the coast, a very fertile area for conch. In the high-elevation areas in the Santa Cruz Mountains, at around 2,500 feet, you’ll find lettuces, cabbages, carrots, peppers. Down in the plains, there’s watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, scallion, thyme, ginger, sugarcane and peanuts.”

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