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Farm Tours

Want to know how we get the best ingredients? Tour our local farms!

hether you’re ordering dishes at Lovers Leap, Jack Sprat or Jakes Restaurant, we’re always serving up something fresh. Our neighborhood — St. Elizabeth — grows almost all of Jamaica’s domestic produce, giving us direct access to the best ingredients Jamaica has to offer. But if you want to see exactly where your food is coming from we have just the things — tours of our local farms.

To avoid the midday heat, we recommend greeting your day with our neighborhood farmers Dwight, Alex and Nerval. Dwight will show you how he reaps his fields while handing you a head of lettuce. Alex will have you tasting watermelons as he goes into just how he got them so juicy. Nerval will cut cauliflower directly off the stem as he teaches you just how he made them grow. We work with a lot of farmers, so almost any type of farm you want to see (as long as it’s produce is in season) we’ll take you.

We suggest after the tour that you take some of what you sampled to one of our cooking lessons. Our chefs will teach you how to whip it up into something special.


“I love it when we see the dolphins and the guests I’m with get to jump into the water and swim with them.”

Captain Ted

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